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Ferraris and the school bus

This morning, a Ferrari got stuck behind my kid's school bus. I live in a pretty rich part of the world, so it's common for us to see stupidly expensive cars, ranging from Porsche SUVs to Lambos, going way too fast down our roads.

This guy couldn't really drive his car, which is typical of what I see from those drivers. Every once in a while, on the highway, I'll see one of them going 80, zipping through traffic... and I'll pass them in my $20,000 Subaru Impreza wagon.

Then, of course, they'll pass me. As much as I'd like to pretend that I've got a fast car... I don't. What I have is a willingness to go very fast sometimes.

The first time I went really fast on my own was when I was a teenager and tried my first downhill course. If you don't know what downhill is, it's when you ski crazy fast without turning on skis that are significantly longer than you, which means that even if you wanted to turn... you can't. Not easily, anyway.

I got up to about 80mph that time before having a little stutter and falling, getting a concussion.

skier falling
Not my best work. This looks a bit like an American Werewolf on skis. 

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I also went really fast when I was riding steeplechase race horses. I was the only person at the farm I worked and trained at who was big enough to ride the really big guys, and a lot of those were reformed race horses. Or, more properly, horses in the process of being reformed. I was that process, and then they'd take off on me, throwing me to the ground. More concussions, more broken bones.

So I understand why people want to go fast. But this Ferrari... it just kept revving its engine behind a school bus while the driver impatiently checked his phone (yes, I looked). And he was in for a rude surprise, because that bus stops at every 5th house on our road for about 30 straight minutes, and we're the first house.

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