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Post-Weekend Recovery

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Most of you will be reading this a bit bleary-eyed after a barbeque (or two), and maybe a bit too much beer or cocktail-in-a-can.

I worked for my wife a lot this weekend – she's normally the one who does... everything, but since she's been sidelined with her knee, I found myself stepping in on a lot of stuff that I'm not at all familiar with or good at.

The biggest 'hard thing' I had to do was make BBQ chicken for 20 for the annual CrossFit Memorial Day weekend workout, Murph. I watched videos on how to part a chicken (more than once, and more than one), sous vided the chicken, and then pulled it apart and finished it. All told, I probably spent 4 hours working on that chicken... and I barely even eat chicken.

Heck, when my wife and I met, I hadn't had chicken in years, and today, it's still few and far between if I don't count the bites here and there of kiddo's chicken fingers.

It all turned out well – I think I did better at the chicken than I did at the workout. Some people even thought it was pulled pork, which I think is a really high compliment when it's not pork.

I'd love to pretend that it turned out ok because I'm a genius at getting things right on the first try. The truth is that I kept running upstairs to our bedroom to ask her questions about what I should and shouldn't be doing. Really, I was her hands, but she was still doing the cooking.

One thing I decided before the BBQ was that I was going to stop drinking for a little bit right after that. Not a permanent thing, but take a little time off. Like a lot of us in quarantine, I have been drinking way more often than I normally would because... what the hell else am I going to do with my time? So I had a few drinks there, and now I'm done.

There's a really simple reason for this: as my wife's business continues to do well, and as I keep working on my own stuff + writing new books, I need my nights back. And I need my mornings to be a little less foggy, so when the cat wakes me up at the crack of dawn, I can do stuff. It's pretty easy to see that cutting the booze solves most of these issues.

My post-long-weekend recovery is just not drinking. What's yours?

And now, for today's totally unrelated doodle, which is a request from Sarah B. for taco trust falls (got a request? let me know! And sorry, Kelli S. – tossed salads are coming):

That's it for today. Thanks for reading!

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