About Hopara

Hopara is a start-up that's still in stealth mode. I'd love to tell you more about what we do... but no. The secret will get out soon enough.

Jon, our founder, likes to doodle. He also likes to snowboard, surf, write, run, and lots of other non-worky things. The doodles started finding an audience on LinkedIn, and then it seemed like maybe it would be a good idea to have an archive of them, and to email them out to people because social media algorithms suck.

Jon's written and drawn in lots of places, so if you want to see some of his work, you can go through this nifty list of social media:

Quora: Jonathan Brodsky - Quora

LinkedIn: Jon Brodsky | LinkedIn

I also post my doodles (but not the articles) daily to these platforms, if you prefer to do your browsing there:

Reddit: jonsurfs (u/jonfinds) - Reddit

Imgur: Imgur: jonsurfs

Twitter: jonsurfs (@jonsurfs) / Twitter

Facebook: Jonathan Brodsky | Facebook

Tumblr: Tumblr: Hoparadoodles

Jon doesn't currently post regularly to Tapas or Webtoons (sorry). But if there's another platform he should be on, let him know and he'll test it out – the easiest way to contact him is to subscribe and then reply to the daily email he sends.

Jon's writing has also been featured in a wide variety of magazines, including Vanity Fair, Inc., Forbes (real Forbes, not pay-for-post Forbes), Fatherly, HuffPost, and, infuriatingly, Apple News, which Jon can't see because he's on Windows and Android.

He's also run some pretty big companies, like Finder.com, Chicken Soup for the Soul's digital arms, and Allmenus.com. Now he's running Hopara, which isn't just the doodles, but being in stealth mode and not telling anyone what our actual business is (besides the wonderful people who pay us) is more fun. Jon's also been on TV, documentaries, and podcasts a bit, mostly to talk about how to manage money or manage people, because people think you must be good at that if you're in charge (not true).

The first time he was interviewed by a reporter, he was a drunk 19-year-old trying to explain why the fraternity he was president of shouldn't get kicked off campus just because they didn't pay their bills (it didn't work. They got kicked off anyway). The second interview was much better, because Jon wasn't drunk.