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Panda vs. Panda Pirates

I'd love to say that there's rhyme or reason to how my brain works sometimes, but no. I woke up wanting to compare a panda to a panda pirate, which meant that I needed to gather some facts about pandas.

panda vs panda pirate
this is all true!

First off, pandas don't eat just bamboo. They actually have the same kind of digestive system as a carnivore, which means that they probably feel kind of crappy eating bamboo all day. So they don't. They also eat eggs, small animals, carrion, as well as a whole bunch of other veggies, wheat and the like.

Second, pandas eat for up to 14 hours per day, mainly because their stomach can't digest the food that they like to eat (they can digest about 17% of what they eat). Literally, they eat just enough so that they have the energy to sleep and keep eating.

This is starting to sound like the worst diet ever. Worse than keto, worse than the zone, worse than Atkins.

Next, a panda's eyes have vertical pupils, like a cat. I couldn't find if that meant that they see things like a cat, or not (cats basically see like humans, without being able to see red or pinks).

Finally, pandas like to be alone, except when they're mating. I guess it would be weird if they wanted to be alone while they were mating, too, since that would make their entire lives some awful puritanical documentary.

Anyway, moving on!

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That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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