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Crappy Car

I drive a crappy car - a 2014 puke-green stick shift Subaru that we call Luigi. This is due in part to it being cheap and all I could afford in 2013 that was new (I had destroyed a lot of early-naughties Jeeps by then and wanted something new), in part because I wanted 4-wheel drive, and in part so I didn't feel bad about covering it in bumper stickers. Which I've done with dozens of bumper stickers - it's actually harder than you'd think to find fun bumper stickers. Most of the ones people send me (it's a thing) don't make it on. Sorry.

Because my car is a glorified dune buggy and (the real reason) because I signed up to see what the trade-in value of Luigi is, I now get lots of actual mail each week telling me what I'm missing out on. I no longer care about trading in - I'm looking forward to teaching the kiddo to drive a stick (an admittedly useless skill) in 8 years when he's 15.

Still, it's hard not to feel a little FOMO. Today's doodle is what I feel every time I open my mailbox.

Originally posted on LinkedIn around March 24, 2021