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Dumb assumptions

Yesterday, I made a dumb assumption that unraveled as soon as I did a little research. Thankfully, I could walk myself back from the ledge quickly.

Admitting when I'm wrong is a lot harder when I have a little bit of knowledge about something - it's pretty easy to say, "I don't know" when I know nothing.

Then there are the times when people call me an "expert" and that goes to my head, so I skip all of the initial steps I tell everyone else to do because I believe that 90% of the time, I'll end up in the same place. Then every time turns out to be a 10% time.

The only way I've found that gets me around the problem of not making assumptions is to always approach things like I was a beginner. This is painful, but it works. Eventually, I'm so obviously not a beginner in one way that I have to find a new way of being a beginner.

Today's doodle is about another assumption I've made, because I've long confused being an expert at playing in the snow with being an expert about snow.

Originally posted on LinkedIn in late March 2021