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Failed corporate mascots

Plunderee the business viking says to pay your bills on time...

I get asked often about how to build a big brand, because I've worked for big brands and was there when some of the magic happened.

The answer, which no one wants to hear ever, is that it takes years of hammering on the same idea in every channel you have. The next question is what the most effective part of that years-long process is, and can it be done in an accelerated way.


The most effective parts are taglines and imagery, and those can be made in a few minutes. It's still going to take years for people to associate them with your brand, though, and that's if you're lucky, and an ad campaign here or there isn't going to make a real difference... unless you really screw up.

So here are a few taglineless mascots that should never grace stationery anywhere to get your juices flowing. Got a company that wants to use one? DM me so I can explain why you really don't want Plunderee to be your mascot.

Originally published on LinkedIn March 30, 2021.