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Things to practice daily

Stop chasing happiness! It's not a butterfly you can catch!

Sorry, but my feed yesterday was inundated with people talking about happiness as a goal, like its some endpoint you reach if you try hard enough. It is not. Anyone who says they can help make you happier is a lying liar pants on fire.

You make you happy by being comfortable with who you are not. Seriously. Just get ok with the idea that you're not someone else, whether that's Elon Musk or someone that seems more attainable because it's not Elon.

It's hard to stop yourself from comparing yourself to others, because the whole world is geared to make you think comparison is normal and that everything is a struggle. It's not. Comparison only matters in head to head competition, and you're racing against yourself in the long run.

I help myself not compete through daily practices - rituals I do every day, barring massive complications. So today's doodle is about some of those practices for me.

Originally posted on LinkedIn around March 22, 2021