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Returning to the office

It seems like, all of a sudden, everyone is going back into the office in full force. Companies seem to have decided – and employees seem to be agreeing – that getting the vaccine means we can all be together at work again.

I see the commuter lots here filling up again, and most people I know who are heading back in are pretty excited for it, at least a few days per week.

I dunno. I've pretty much always hated being inside an office. My home office is ok, I guess, but given my druthers, I'd be outside (where I'm going as soon as this post is done for a much-needed run). I've always been this way – even in high school, I was the kid who would raise his hand on sunny days and ask if we could have class outside.

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I suppose it's pretty amazing that I've made it this far – about 20 years – of sitting at a desk in an office without going nuts. Most of that is probably because, when I'm in an office, I took constant breaks and went outside for an hour or two each day, and I convinced myself that was enough.

Now, after over a year of being at home, blasting music while I work, keeping a weird schedule and spending hours a day outside, I have a lot of trouble with the idea of going back. It's good that I run my own company and that we're successful enough (today, anyway) that I don't have to entertain that, and that I've built up some pretty good sprinting muscles to get work done when needed.

Still, most of my friends are in the opposite boat, and they're excited to go back. I'm happy for them. We don't have to agree on everything to be friends.

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