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I'm turning into a meeting pumpkin

My mom called me yesterday to check to see if I'm still alive (she's not on LinkedIn to see daily proof of life), and I told her that I'd turned into a meeting pumpkin and had barely had a minute to breathe. Ok, I told that to her voicemail, because I didn't pick up the phone when she called and she didn't pick up my callback. Then we texted a bit, assured each other we were alive, and went about our lives.

Despite hating most meetings, I don't hate the ones I'm in right now, because they're all my choice at this stage of starting up. I know, I'll add people and clients, and it'll get out of control soon. It probably has already, and I'm in denial.

That's OK. Almost every successful person I know is in denial about something.

Originally posted on LinkedIn around March 20th, 2021