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Marketing Funnels

Yesterday, I got asked several times about my process for marketing, how I manage funnels, and so on. I never know how to answer that question, because the actual answer is trial and error, followed by error and trial, followed by thinking you figured it out, followed by figuring out you know nothing, followed by maybe eking out a profit and being exhausted.

Some people love that answer because it's honest, and other people hate it because they want to make money really fast, and want to feel like there's a direct line to that. No one really wants to hear that it takes losing money to make any money in marketing, because they somehow have gotten it into their heads that products will always sell themselves and so if they lose any money, it's on overinvesting in a product. Then they hire a sales team, and the salespeople inevitably complain that there's no awareness in the market for the product, because products don't actually sell themselves. People sell products.

So today's doodle is the easiest way I can explain how marketing funnels actually work.

Originally published on LinkedIn in mid-March 2021