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Let's be data nerds

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I was talking to a client about the differences between Python (Panda), Julia, Power BI and R. I know, scintillating stuff, and it's been long enough since I coded anything not on the front-end that I probably didn't understand half of the stuff I thought I understood. Thank goodness for a decent understanding of statistics, otherwise I'd be completely lost.

What struck me was that the data scientist I was talking to was fully in the holy wars that programmers used to have over JavaScript vs. anything else (I dunno. Maybe they still do, and I just don't have to hear about those anymore). Just ripping on R, in particular, and in love with Julia, and I was like... aren't these all just tools that can be used when they're appropriate? They told me I didn't get it.

I'm pretty sure, having seen this about a dozen times so far in my career, that I get it, even if I don't understand any of the nuances of these languages. By the way, I was asking because I was having a hard time getting the comparison I wanted out of the data the client had, and I was wondering if there was a different tool that would make all of this easier and end the conversation sooner.

In any event, here's to the lovers of Pandas out there, which is clearly the only thing anyone should use ever :).

For those of you wondering, no, this site isn't in Python. It's done using Ghost, which is pretty much all JavaScript, all the time. And if I had to use something to show pretty graphs... oh, who are we kidding? I'm not going to look at numbers here when I make my living doing that elsewhere.