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There's no post today – just this, and the return of the neato section for a day.

captain sparkle beadhead

And now, for other people's cool stuff:

First, next time someone tells you crypto is the future, remind them of this story, where crypto traders keep buying Ethan Allen stock because its ticker is the same as Ether, a cryptocurrency: Ethan Allen stock is soaring as traders confuse its ticker with the identical one for ether. And if this is the first time you've thought about Ethan Allen since 1994, samesies.

This oldie but goodie from Calvin & Hobbes, which is still my favorite strip.

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And, finally, if you're feeling like a failure, here's a story from someone who had money, hype, and then it all fell apart: My Startup Failed Six Years Ago. I’ve Been Hiding from My Shame Ever Since. | by Lauren Kay. Such a good read.

That's it for today!

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